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fine dining indian restaurants london

Fine dining Indian restaurants London


The concept of fine dining is not new – indeed one can be fairly sure that it’s been evolving from the moment that simply eating what one had to in order to survive turned into having something like a meal which we recognise today. Indian fine dining can trace its heritage through five thousand years of culture, going all the way back to the Indus valley civilisation – quite a pedigree. India’s place as a civilizational hub, a nexus of trade routes and interactions, has meant that hugely varied ingredients, methods of cooking and tastes have all had their impact on Indian cuisine and, despite a myriad of different and distinct regional traditions, there is still a recognisable unified tradition which has grown and evolved through these influences rather than been overwhelmed by them.

All of this, combined with a flair for the formal means that fine dining Indian restaurants London can count a great deal of pedigree in their lineage. That’s not to say that opulent epicurean traditions from other heritages have not made as rich a contribution to the form, each adding their own distinct mores and observances to the experience of fine dining, just that Indian restaurants in London can sometimes be thought of after their European counterparts by a visitor to the city.

Fine dining Indian restaurants London – Lotus Restaurant

At Lotus we are fine dining to our core and stand as part of a proud heritage, not just of Indian cuisine stretching back half way to the last ice age, but of fine dining Indian restaurants in London, seeking to present that cuisine in a way which enhances it further through a combination of warm welcome, attention to detail and unswerving customer service. Of course an excellent wine list paired with exquisite care to our dishes helps as well and we are always seeking ways to improve the experience even further – finer dining anyone…?